Modern Blood Bank Equipment

Blood bank equipment as the name suggests is the apparatus used in blood banks and hospitals. It is a kind of medical or laboratory equipment. Blood is a very important element of our life. Blood banks perform the significant job of storing this vital crimson colored body fluid for various groups, so as to provide it to the patient when the need arises. This vital body fluid can save the life of a person; this can give a new life to the one in need. The blood bank equipment is used by various blood banks, hospitals, research centers, and clinical laboratories all over the world for the collection and processing of blood, especially the human blood. These pieces of equipment are indispensable for the functioning of the aforementioned organizations.

All types of blood bank equipment come under four prime categories viz. collection, storage, testing, and blood bank accessories. The list of the modern blood bank paraphernalia is very long, and they are being very widely used these days. Since it is not feasible to explain each and every type of blood bank apparatus in detail, some of the prominent types of such apparatus are mentioned under:


1) Tube Sealer: It is a compact equipment meant for sealing the blood bag pilot tube by employing the ratio frequency sealing system. This apparatus can seal with an average speed of one tube per 1.5 seconds. The tubes so sealed can be easily separated by pulling the sealing joints by both the sides.

Modern Blood Bank Equipment

2) Collection Monitor: It is a sophisticated piece of apparatus used for the purpose of monitoring the blood donation process. Also called the blood collection mixer, this apparatus makes sure that the quantity of this claret fluid taken from the body of the donor is not more than the prescribed quantity. It also acts as an anticoagulant agent to prevent blood clotting. No doubt, this apparatus is a must for any hospital or blood donation camp.

3) Blood Bank Refrigerators: This is a kind of specialized refrigerating device used for the purpose of storing the vital body fluid named blood. This apparatus is widely used in hospitals, clinics, blood banks, etc. It is also used for storing certain vaccines and biological products which require very cool ambient. This is a very high quality laboratory equipment, properly insulated from all sides in order to sustain the cold temperature inside.

4) Plasma Expressor: This electromechanical device is meant for separating the plasma from the crimson colored body fluid. The conventional separator requires the use of monitor in performing the job that a contemporary plasma expressor equipped with an optical sensor, can perform in a much easy and efficient manner.

5) Donor Chair: This chair comes under the category of blood bank accessories. This is a special type of chair on which the person donating the blood can almost lie down and be comfortable. This chair provides the correct posture to the donor, required for the proper flow of this vital fluid from his body. The seat and back covers of this chair are generally made of materials like leather and vinyl.

Besides the above-mentioned blood bank equipment, there are numerous other apparatus as well. For acquiring further information about various types of blood bank products, you may visit Laboratory Equipment World.

Modern Blood Bank Equipment