Elderberry Wine

Wine has for many years been made from the fermentation of grapes. In recent times however, other ingredients that have naturally occurring starch, enzymes and other nutrients are gaining popularity in the production of wine. Other than apples and elderberries that are been fermented with yeast for purposes of converting their sugars into alcohol, barley and rice are all the same gaining popularity in these productions. These drinks have their old history in countries like South Africa, California and Greece.

Elderberry wine, is considered to be one of the most sweet flavored fermented and alcoholic fruit drinks. It however has got a lower alcoholic concentration and furthermore, it is sweeter than most of the other alcoholic drinks. To make it more appealing to the taste, you could consider mixing the berries with some strawberries, since they both contain the right amount of natural substances that give you the right taste.


The fruits that make this drink come from a shrub that grows in the wild and which is more productive in mid-summer. It does well in moist land and in areas that are fertile, those that have rich soils. The fruits are blue and black, and for the best tasting drink, you should prepare them while they are raw. Do not cook them.

The elderberry wine requires that you choose the berries depending on the results you want to get. You can choose to use the fresh fruits or those that are dried. Either way, wash them in fresh water and mash them, with your hands protected. As for the color, remember that it gets better if you ferment and store the drink in a dark place.

Elderberry Wine

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Old Fashion Vintage Toy Scooters

Vintage toy scooters are designed to depict old fashioned scooters and most of the scooters in this version are made of metal bodies. They are useful tools that the parents can buy their children to keep them occupied in some task with joy and fun. The vintage type scooter's variants come in various colors and most of them are brightly colored so as to attract children.

Original specifications of the vintage toy scooter are accurately considered while making a vintage scooter and inscribed with utmost perfection in the toys. Every part in the scooter are painted by the metallic step process, in which the bare metal frame is stripped down, painted with a required color and re-aligned to perfection.


Vintage toy scooters have different range of voltage specification depending on the scooter's power and the speed with which it can run. The vintage toy scooter contains brake shoes, front and rear shocks, cables, locks, electrical wiring and electronic parts they are intricately designed with perfection to give a long standing toy for the children. Newer designs reach market at regular intervals and information on such new arrivals can be obtained through the internet.

It should however be noted that these new arrivals ensure more safety and of course more fun to the children. These designs are manufactures to prove the worth of the toy and also to depict the beauty of the original vintage scooters that were available decades ago in the market.

When the manufacturing process gets over the toy is put to thorough testing and only then are they distributed to shops for sale. This is to ensure reliability of the product in the market and every defective piece is a loss to the company and would definitely lower the companies' morale. These types of toy scooters are different from the normal toys and scooters used by the kids because they depict unique vintage characteristics.

Bright colors, custom made toys are made by some manufacturers to match the height of the child for whom the product is manufactured. Also remember that the price of the product is comparatively more when the product is custom made. Colors can also be chose by the customer according to their taste and need. The product designs and the pictures of the toys can be seen in the manufacturer's site and online consumption of the product can also be done.

Old Fashion Vintage Toy Scooters

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Cheating on Your Strict Diet - Keep Losing Weight With Occasional Diet Cheating

Do you want to cheat on your strict diet to taste those good you have been missing? Check out this article to cheat on your diet once in a while yet remains thin and on with your weight loss. In fact, occasional cheating can improve your weight loss results.

In losing weight, we are always tempted to eat more especially if during the weekend picnic or an occasion. So why not systematize your cheating to control it? Plan your diet cheating and allow one day of the week when you want to have a cheat day. This is the day when you have the chance to increase your calories intake.


A cheat day when one increases his or her calories intake is good for the body. In fact, it suggest to the body to lose even more weight. Our bodies are actually designed to increase its body weight during feasts. But if it occurs occasionally, it even boosts the body system to work harder to get rid of the gained weight after the feast.

During your weekends, set one day to be a cheat day. This is highly recommended. The diet cheating day however is not free from violating the rules of no white bread and no sugar. I found that they are hard to get rid of after the cheat days. However, there are calorie-packed, metabolism-boosting foods like alcohol especially wine, chocolates, cinnamon buns, ice cream, and shortcakes. It is strictly advised nevertheless to stay away from foods so rich in sugar that can trigger back your past habit of binge eating.

You have worked hard with your one week of food restriction. If you have disciplined yourself by regulating the amount of calories consumed, it is time to have a cheat day. The cheat day will set the signal for the metabolism to work harder after it is over. So, you'll lose the weight further. So go on, indulge during this day!

Cheating on Your Strict Diet - Keep Losing Weight With Occasional Diet Cheating

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Sony KDL32EX503 Review

The Sony KDL32EX503 is a stunning television set. It is a 32 inch, 81 centimeter widescreen TV and well worth checking out further. Whether you want to use it for playing games or watch high quality movies then this full HD 1920x1080 pixel screen will surely enhance your experience.

The picture and sound quality to look forward to.


The picture quality consists of a full HD 1080p, integrated digital freeview HD and a 100 Hz 1920x1080 pixel resolution. Its pixels outmatch the naked eye and with the 100 Hz refresh speed it makes up for a pretty nice time in front of the television. The set also has ambient sensors so the picture quality is always at optimal.

The colour system supports a NTSC 3.58/4.43 video in, PAL and Secam.

In the audio department it has a digital amplifier, Dolby digital plus and a s-force front surround. It also supports a 5.1 channel audio out. The surround is optional and the set comes ready with two 10 watt internal speakers. So, sound wise you are in good hands with digitally amplified speakers and the possibility for a nice surround.

This model also comes with a two different cinema modes which makes all movie viewing all that much enjoyable. And with the optional surround system it is like having your own theater to enjoy with your friends and family. You also have the option for 24 frames per second while watching your favourite vintage film watching it old school.

Some fun ways of using this model include but are not limited to playing games, watching movies, showing off your digital photo album or using the freeview TV to watch a myriad of channels through your antenna, but that depends though on availability in your area. Then you can of course not rule out sports which you can enjoy with this new model and its motionflow technology that boosts the speed to the 100 hertz regular LCD televisions do not have.

Other things you may want to know.

This model has an optional wall mount. The sets height is 53.6 cm, the width 79.8 cm and the depth is 8.9 cm which gives it a rather thin look which is good. Then it won't take up too much space and out of the box it only weighs 11.4 kilograms or 25.1 pounds. Especially so if you use the optional wall mount. It has network capabilities, but you need an optional WiFi adapter to use it. If you do then you can connect to the Internet in order to access online services and media or to your home network where you can access your laptop and some other devices. In some countries you can even watch television shows you missed online through your Internet services. You might also want to know that this set is eco friendly which means it has many power saving options that will reduce the overall power consumption and reduce your electrical bills in the more economical settings. This set also comes with a 3 year manufacturer's guarantee.

The Sony KDL32EX503 model is a welcome addition to any household with its many new features like increased speed and picture quality.

Sony KDL32EX503 Review

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Good Worthy Reliable Leaders and Sound Solid Leadership Can Provide Effective Productive Balance

How do we get things right in the Church of Jesus Christ? How can we get things right in the Church of Jesus Christ, and in other walks of life and business too? We tend to swing from one extreme to the other and in Scotland in particular we have suffered from this quite a lot! In Psalm 73 Asaph, the writer shows us how we might be able to get things right, although we must admit that is seldom easy.

There are places in Scotland where people who come to every Service and Prayer Meeting, but who, because they have taken membership vows, they dare not touch the bread and wine, and there are people who only appear when it what is called Communion Sunday.


That may apply to other nations and countries too.

Some over analyse their lack of fitness and unworthiness, and others appear when the bread and wine are going to be served without much thought being given.

Presbyterianism in some forms is all about pulse taking, which can emerge in self-condemnation, and in certain Pentecostal and Charismatic circles, I have met so much superficiality. How can we get a Biblical balance? It will require strong, very strong, authoritative and sensitive leadership. Let me illustrate.

There was an incident many years ago in St Giles Church, Edinburgh, Scotland. There was that famous occasion concerning the brilliant Scottish Hebrews scholar and Old Testament Professor, "Rabbi" Duncan. He was administering the Lord's Supper, Holy Communion, in St. Giles, one Sunday, and he noticed a woman quietly sobbing near the front of the church. She let both the bread and the wine pass by her without taking the elements.

He got up, took some bread and wine from an elder, took it to the woman, and handed it to her. "Take it, woman. It's for sinners." It was for the likes of her Jesus Christ died. Who knows what crisis she was facing through her tears? Now, there was strong bold spiritual leadership, and the principles can be applied to various walks of life.

Of course, there is the opposite where leaders pronounce, "Peace, peace, where there is no peace" and where there is an absence of true godly sorrow, and shortcomings, failures, failing, and sins are lightly regarded.

Psalm 73 has much to teach us on this whole area. It can provide a sound solid foundation on which we can reliably build, and we learn vital lessons on basic leadership. Asaph give us profound insights which are missing from the various business and managements schools, and if this aspect is not right then many other aspects will not be right either. Wise men will pay great heed to what this writer has to teach.

Good leaders and sound solid leadership can provide effective and fruitful balance, and this is seldom easy. Such leadership, however, is greatly needed in these present days, and it is very scarce. Can you offer and provide qualities of leadership which will inspire and motivate and be an example to others?

Sandy Shaw

Good Worthy Reliable Leaders and Sound Solid Leadership Can Provide Effective Productive Balance

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children's Panel in Scotland, and has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel conducting Tours and Pilgrimages, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

He broadcasts regularly on WSHO radio out of New Orleans, and writes a weekly commentary at http://www.studylight.org entitled "Word from Scotland" on various biblical themes, as well as a weekly newspaper column.

His M.A. and B.D. degrees are from The University of Edinburgh, and he continues to run and exercise regularly to maintain a level of physical fitness.

Sandy Shaw
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